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Dickies Cotton Coveralls 48700

$54.00 $45.99

Dickies Cotton Coveralls Style 48700

  • Generous fit in shoulders and chest, bi-swing back, elastic waist inserts
  • 8.75 oz. twill; 100% cotton
  • A workplace classic to keep you (and your clothes) covered
  • Bi-swing back for easy movement
  • Chest pockets secured with brass zippers
  • Dual pockets on right leg keep small tools handy
  • Snaps at sleeve and leg cuffs help keep debris out
  • Pencil pocket on left sleeve
  • Imported

This all-cotton coverall keeps street clothes clean, tools handy. It's made of rugged long-lasting cotton twill with stain release finish. A bi-swing back moves with you in every direction. Deluxe details include brass zippers securing back left pocket and chest pockets. Snaps at neck and waist help conceal the two-way front brass zipper. Pencil pocket on left sleeve. Dual tool pockets on right leg, hammer loop on left leg.

Short Inseam=28", Regular Inseam=30", Tall Inseam=32", X-Tall Inseam=34"

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