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Dickies [LP65/LP605] Multi-Pocket Double Knee Performance Shop Pant. FLEX Fabric. Relaxed Fit, Straight Leg. Live Chat for Discount Codes

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  • 7.25 oz. FLEX fabric

  • Reinforced Double Knee with Opening for Knee Pad

  • Relaxed Fit, Straight Leg

  • Blend: 65% Polyester/35% Cotton

  • Finish: FLEX Wrinkle Resistant Stain Release StayDark technology

  • Easy Care Stain Release

  • Industrial Launder Friendly

  • Moisture Wicking fabric, Wrinkle Resistant

  • Pocket: Cell pocket. Utility pockets. Bellowed back pockets.

  • Breathable Fabric

  • Heavy CB Belt Loop for added reinforcement

  • Bellowed back pockets to accommodate large items

  • Angled back pocket entry for easy access – bottom gusset

  • Rubberized scratch resistant tack button

  • Contour Yoke for ease of movement

  • Waistband: Folder set, 1.5 inches

  • Available in Black, Dark Navy and Charcoal

Dickies' Industrial Multi-Pocket Performance Shop Pants come equipped with a multitude of pockets that will fit all of your work tools. Additionally, it's built with reinforced double knees featuring openings for knee pads. Along with the spacious compartments and functional features, this pant is crafted with wrinkle resistance and moisture-wicking abilities.