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MDF #MDF515PBT-Abyss(Navy). MDF Babinski Buck Light Reflex Hammer. Live Chat for Discount Codes

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Handcrafted Since 1971 | Lifetime Warranty | Latex Free. The MDF� Babinski Buck� Reflex Hammer > Light > HDP Handle is a 5-in-1 multifunctional hammer designed to perform all reflex tests with less effort and greater patient comfort by combining the functions and features of an integrated Babinski-tip, dual-mallet Buck percussor, and built-in brush into one reflex hammer. Head: The balance-weighted head is outfitted with large and small mallets constructed of TPR for precise percussions. Handle: The lightweight, ergonomic HDP handle is precisely balanced for increased control of percussion force. Babinski Tip: The pointed Babinski-style tip at the base of the handle elicits superficial or cutaneous responses, including plantar and abdominal reflexes. Brush: The built-in brush at the base of the handle can be easily removed to elicit cutaneous reflexes.